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Jewelry With A Purpose: House of Shakti

Everyone wants to look fabulous, and feel good while pursuing their purpose in life and House of Shakti jewelry can help you do just that. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Luba Salah, owner of House of Shakti, about her company. During our interview Lubna explained how she got her start in the fashion industry and how she crafts jewelry with a purpose that can help you change your aura.

Lubna Salah

TopFashionCourt: What was your motivation behind starting your jewelry collection?

Lubna: I had gotten into Yoga and was having health issues. While attending a meditation retreat for Yoga instructor training, I met a woman who begun to tell me about the healing powers of gemstones, she also told me how she could read my aura.  I purchased a prayer necklace made of amazonite and amethyst from her. As I wore the necklace I began to notice that certain things were taking place and I was changing. This heightened my interest and from there I decided to do some research on gemstones, and begun making jewelry for my friends. As requests to purchase pieces begun to roll in, I decided to resign from my job and start House of Shakti.

TopFashionCourt: What year did you start your company?

Lubna: I started the company three years ago and I have been doing it full time for the last two years.

TopFashionCourt: Where does the belief of the healing power in gemstones and chakras originate from?

Lubna: Gemstones have been used for their healing powers for centuries. If you look at legends, royalties and high priest of different countries, you will notice that their body amour and head pieces have gemstones. The gems were chosen for a specific purpose.  As for the chakras, this is another ancient principal that is based on Yogi philosophy. Chakras are energy centers on the body and if they are aligned and balanced you achieve better health. Each chakra pertains to different body parts and have different qualities. The color of each chakra is essentially the colors of the rainbow.

TopFashionCourt: Once a healing intention or affirmation is chosen how do you go about determining the layout of the jewelry?

Lubna: I just design by working. I don’t sketch. I put everything in front of me and see what jumps out at me and I just go with that. I kind of work based off of silhouettes.

TopFashionCourt: Is there any significance to the placement/size of the stones on the bracelets/necklaces, etc?

Lubna: Yes and No. It is said that round stones are better for healing as they are evenly distributed as in the roundness of it. Bigger stones have different healing powers. I tend to choose the stones shape and size more for aesthetic purposes, I try to make pieces that are wearable. Placement does not go into consideration as much because it is kind of hard to wear a first chakra stone on your first chakra because that would be down below your stomach. Unless your going to make a belt.

TopFashionCourt: Do you determine size and shape of the stones? If yes, does the size and shape contribute to the healing power of the piece?

Lubna: Not so much, I just go by the stone I choose and whatever kind of design and aesthetic that goes into it.

TopFashionCourt: What significance does the color of the stones hold? Do they coincide with the chakras?

Lubna: Yes, a lot of times you will find that the stones for the different chakras will match that chakra color.  I try to choose stones that will go with the healing properties, go with the chakras and will also look good together.

TopFashionCourt: What was you inspiration behind one of your newest creations the scarf necklace?

Lubna: I love scarves, if you could look in my closet I have a large stack of scarves on the shelf. There is something so effortlessly beautiful and graceful about a scarf. I would always think that it would be cool to have jewelry with it.  But then you get into the weight of the scarf. There are some scarves out there with plastic things and fake beads attached to it. Gems are heavy, there had to be some way of doing it where the gems wouldn’t pull the scarf down so that it is wearable. So, I begun to experiment with the long scarves I had until I found a way to get everything to work out.

TopFashionCourt: Out of curiosity how long are your scarf necklaces?

Lubna: In total they are about 8 feet long. There is 7 feet of fabric and the longest point of the gems is about 14 inches. I made them long for versatility; you can wrap them in different ways to achieve different looks.

TopFashionCourt: What is your most accomplished piece, that your most proud of?

Lubna: I am very proud of the scarves because I know that there is nothing out there like it. It’s a show stopper, whenever I wear it it sparks questions.

TopFashionCourt: What piece would you recommend as an everyday piece, for those who may not necessarily need healing but just want live a happy, healthy, prosperous life?

Lubna: There is the joy bracelet. As for a necklace, I’m not really sure it’s such a varied thing. It depends on what makes that person joyful. I would say for vibrancy and quality of health anything that has red, the mala for energy and vitality.

TopFashionCourt: What would you say to women/men of other ethnicities who may not think your product is for them?

Lubna: I’m not sure. I’ve lived in different countries and was raised in different cultures. I still have people that…you know…like its a completely foreign concept to people that I grew up with. Its all based one simple principle love and creativity. If you don’t believe in this or that or you have never heard of it the question is would you rather have something made by someone in China, that is just basically something inexpensive with no emotion in it? Or would you rather have something made by someone who is here and loves what they do?

TopFashionCourt: What’s next for House of Shakti and yourself as a designer?

Lubna: Since I am a small company I don’t have a publicist, I am trying to get the word out via social media. I want to continue to create things that inspire people. From a design perspective I am interested in doing hybrid things, I sew, I started making fingerless gloves however, they don’t have gems on them because it would be hard to put gems on something that you would wash often.

House of Shakti is a owned and operated by Lubna Salah in Beverly Hills, CA.  House of Shakti crafts jewelry to promote healing of the mind, body and spirit by using semi precious gemstones and the Yogi understanding of chakras. House of Shakti jewelry is currently sold at one of London's top yoga studios TriYoga. The company is currently in talks to sell product at stores in Dubai and Canada. To purchase jewelry online visit House of ShaktiAmazon and Esty. To find out more visit House of Shakti.

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